1. IAEC Functioning regarding project presentation by Principal InvestigatorView Document(190 Kb)
  2. Convening IAEC meetings through hybrid modeView Document(915 Kb)
  3. Convening IAEC Meeting during lockdownView Document(443 Kb)
  4. List of De-registered establishmentsView Document( 2 Mb)
  5. Providing animals for the purpose of experimentation within IndiaView Document( 1 Mb)
  6. TA-DA and sitting fees of Nominees of CPCSEA View Document( 2 Mb)
  7. Instructions for animal house facilities regarding installation of CCTV camera in animal house, conduct of IAEC meetings and appointment of full time VeterinarianView Document( 2 Mb)
  8. Fee structure and penalty for late renewal of Animal House Facilities after expiry of registrationView Document( 2 Mb)
  9. Instructions of CPCSEAView Document( 1 Mb)
  10. User Name & Password for operating the Website of CPCSEAView Document( 2 Mb)
  11. Modification in the timelines for processing of applications in the office of CPCSEAView Document( 44 Kb)
  12. Amendment in the Constitution of the Committee vide gazette notification No. S.O. 1727(E). dated 9th May, 2019View Document(534 Kb)
  13. Clarifications for compliance of instructions of CPCSEA View Document( 4 Mb) 
  14. Instruction of CPCSEA for the animal house facilitiesView Document( 3 Mb) 
  15.  Online payment of Sitting fees and TADAView Document(160 Kb) 
  16.  Experiments Involving Samples from Slaughter House and Live Chick Embryo
  17. Vaccine trials using DogsView Document(496 Kb)
  18.  Approval of the Form B granted by IAECView Document(221 Kb)
  19. Procurment of Beagle dogs from breeders not registered with CCSEAView Document(275 Kb)


  1.  Gazette Notification for Reconstitution of the CPCSEA for the period of three years w.e.f 02.11.2021View Document(452 Kb)
  2.  Revision in name of the Committee for Control and Supervision of Experiments on AnimalsView Document(753 Kb)
  3. Blacklisitng of Gmark Technology Private LimitedView Document( 2 Mb)